Seven more countries to mobilize forces for cleaner planet

In the coming weekend seven countries will join in for the Let’s do it! World Cleanup civic action in order to clean illegal waste in their countries and raise awareness on environment friendly life-style.

Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Albania, Cambodia and Mauritius are the seven countries that will join the family of approximately 80 countries, who have participated in the civic movement.

On the 22nd of September the organizing team of France cleanup is expecting more than 10 000 volunteers to clean 50 heavily polluted sites plus dozens of small sites covering around 47 regions. The long term plan is to clean the entire country in 10 years. “On the year 2012, it's a shame that there are still illegal dump sites in Europe,” says Julien Gee, one of the initiators of French cleanup, adding: “That's simply not acceptable! It's important to us to clean our country and to clean our brain at the same time.”

Belgium is about to clean the country also on the 22nd of September and the initiator Jef Helderweert claims, that a follow-up is already in the process of planning for spring 2013. Helderweert expects up to 10 000 people to join the action and says that most of the volunteers will be mobilized in co-operation with municipalities to involve schools, individuals, different organizations etc.

“The fact that cleanup is happening is already very special! After the last government crisis in Belgium which lasted 16 months people have started to believe that nothing works anymore,” he comments. “Belgium is a country with many contradictions. On the one hand we have well developed system of waste collecting and recycling but on the other hand there is growing ignorance among part of the public that creates the problem of illegal waste,” he adds to emphasize the need for such actions in his country.

About 80 similar one-day cleanups have been taking place all over the world during past five years, propelled by the Let’s Do It global civic movement, born in Estonia in 2008, when more than 50 000 volunteers came out to clean the whole country in just 5 hours. The largest actions so far have been conducted in Bulgaria (320 000 volunteers) and Slovenia (275 000 volunteers), other countries closely on their heels with hundreds of thousands of volunteers participating. The movement is uniting civic leaders in 94 countries this year by organizing a global World Cleanup 2012 action, consisting of one-day cleanup efforts, taking place in participating countries during 2012.
Cleanup dates for upcoming actions can be found on Let’s do it! World Cleanup 2012 homepage:

World Cleanup 2012 is supported by Skype, Outfit7, Estonian Air, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group and Estonian Ministry of the Environment.

More information about World Cleanup 2012 global effort:

Tiina Urm
Head of communications of World Cleanup 2012
Phone: +372 53000515
E-mail: tiina [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org
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More information on the cleanup actions:

Corinne Cioffi
Public Relations Manager of Let’s do it! France
Phone: +33 6 09 87 61 45
E-mail: corinne [at] letsdoitfrance [dot] org
Skype : let's do it france.
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Jef Helderweert
Logictical coordinator for Flemish region in Belgium of Let’s do it! Belgium
Phone: +32 (0) 3 383 27 65
E-mail: jef [dot] helderweert [at] skynet [dot] be
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The Netherlands:
Annette Dölle
Project coordinator of the Keep it Clean Day! The Netherlands
E-mail: annette [at] keepitcleanday [dot] nl
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Ann-Kathrin Pankow
Initiator of Let’s do it! Germany
E-mail: germany [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org


Esmeralda Hoxha
Let’s do it! Albania
Phone: +355696120169

E-mail: hoxha [dot] esmeralda [at] gmail [dot] com

Dr Gowtam Raj Chintaram
Lets’s do it! Mauritius
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Phone: + 230 251 51 51;

Let’s do it! Cambodia
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