"...In Spain, the best upper sets do it..."

The lyrics of this charming Ella Fitzgerald's song Let's Do It are merely one example of the wonderful emotions that I have found in search of anything beautiful that would equal the experience and boost we (Kadi Kenk and Anneli Ohvril) got in the beginning of September in Madrid meeting with wonderful peole from South of Europe who are determined to organise a major cleanup in 2012 in their home countries.

The meeting that became possible thanks to great support from HUB Madrid (madrid.the-hub.net/public/) and World Cleanup 2012 global partner Rezidor Hotel Group (www.rezidor.com), offered an open space for sharing experience of organising this big event as well as brainstorming on possible ways, how it could become true in Spain. If there had been anybody telling us before how big of a success this event would be we would have told them they were insane. Nevertheless it happened, and once again proved the fabulous paradox of all the Let's Do It events!

The event started on 2 September with us being enlightened on the waste management and illegal dumping situation in Spain and us in return sharing the experience and interesting facts on cleanups organised across the world up to date. Ice breaking with such enthusiasts is no trouble at all and in a few hours we had all sunk in the fascinating subjects and finished only after a late night guided tour though Madrid with one of the members of the Spanish team.

That said, it is not a surprise that next morning meeting the Portuguese team from AMO Portugal, only added spark in the eyes of those who now can be named founders of the ¡Vamos a Hacerlo! team. Whilst the second day resulted more informative and explanatory, to ensure we are all on the same page with our understanding of where World Cleanup 2012 is headed, on the last day, the Portuguese and the (newly established) Spanish team already were duly concentrated on how to commence preparations for a cleanup Spain-wide.

Witnessing a team being born after two days, after only a few (but then the right) people meeting to talk about a project that has already at this day reached to millions of people, was emotional and no-doubt one of the most memorable moments in our lives.

The presence of AMO Portugal at this event should not be underestimated. Most importantly, sensing the unity not just within one country team but also as a network, is what we all appreciated. Additionally to Portuguese, we had also CleaNap (the team in Italy, Naples, check out also their upcoming cleanup on 18 September) who a participating a whole session on Saturday, 3 September via Skype.

These three days were full of emotions and so much was done that even now, almost two weeks later it is hard to believe that at this day we know that Spain has a campaign ¡Vamos a hacerlo! and the cleanup will take place 21 April 2012 - just a day before the Earth Day – with an additional goal of reaching 500.000 people – the biggest number so far. It is also a pleasure to announce that after this event, also a team was formed in Mexico.

Written by Kadi Kenk