Success of Let's do it! in Brasilia

On Sunday, 21st of August, the great action of the "Limpa Brasil - Let's Do It"  was held in Brasilia. The action was attended by 8,000 volunteers who came together to clean the federal district.

In 8 hours the volunteers were able to remove 60 tonnes of street litter, leaving the city more clean and beautiful!

After-hours cleaning the streets, volunteers from 30 participating cities gathered for the big closing show, entitled "Clean Show". Where the goal was to celebrate and at the end of the show was also the place clean! 3000 people participated in the show.

Awareness applications were heard all the time! All volunteers talked with residents, asked to cooperate and take their waste to collection sites and not play in the streets.

Lucas Tiné da Silva

Brasília – Brazil

Limpa Brasília

Limpa Brasília

Limpa Brasília