Thousands came out to clean Cambodian capital city

On 28th of August more than 5000 volunteers rallied the streets of Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh. The action concentrated on 14 different clean-up zones across the city, where both organic and non-organic waste was collected.

"The majority of the waste that we managed to gather consisted of plastic bags, containers, bottles and cans," said one of the main organizers, Dary Dek. "Every participant managed to gather about 3 kilos of waste," he added. 

Dek admitted that the organizing team had hoped for bigger participation numbers, but was nevertheless happy with the outcome of their work: "It made us very enthusiastic to see the volunteers' spirit and determination," he confessed. Stating that reaching high numbers of collected trash or participants was not the sole goal for the enthusiastic organizing team: "We are working to raise the general awareness of the people about the possibility of living in a clean city." 

The team concentrated it's efforts to attract young crowd and to encourage the culture of participating for a common cause. "We wanted the youngsters to realize through this action, that they themselves can be a catalyst for a positive change in the whole society," said Dek.The proof of their success were the many young volunteers who took an active part in the cleanup.

Despite the joy and exchaustion, Dek and other organizers who have dedicated all their spare time for preparing the action, are far from done. They are hoping to make this civic effort an annual one, eventually transferring the organizing role to government or non-governmental organizations.