Thousands of volunteers from Lapland to Thailand joining in world-wide waste cleaning action

From 19th till 29th of May international civic campaign World Cleanup 2012 brings together seven countries from Africa, Europe, South-America and Asia in order to clean illegal waste and raise awareness of the communities.

Algeria is cleaning on the 19th of May and will be followed by volunteers cleaning up illegal waste in Thailand on the 21st of May. Kosovo and Mali are having the action on 24th of May, while Mongolian people are cleaning their country on the 26th of May. Brazil, São Paulo, will witness volunteers cleaning the city on the 27th of May and Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, home of the Santa Claus, is cleaning the region on the 29th of May.

Seven countries are part of the family of 94 countries who are participating in the biggest civic movement in history – World Cleanup 2012 – by organizing massive one-day cleaning actions to collect illegally disposed waste in their countries and raise awareness about sustainable waste management and lifestyle choices.

Kosovo, a country with a population over 1,7 million is going to clean on 24th of May and aims to bring together 50 000 volunteers, which means 3% of the inhabitants will join hands to clean up about 10 000 tons of waste in 37 different municipalities.  According to Taulant Hoxha, Coordinator of local teams and external relations of Kosovo’s cleanup action, the nation has welcomed the initiative well and is eager to be engaged. “The team is working hand in hand with ministries, municipalities, NGO’s as well as private companies to organize a successful cleanup. Also schools, universities, public and private institutions are going to clean in rural areas, mountains and some other identified spots,” Hoxha says and adds, that the initiators have chosed a slogan  “We want Kosovo clean as a tear” in order to reflect the mission and goals of the action. “From now on the cleanup day will be an annual event in Kosovo. There are local teams monitoring the areas that will be cleaned in May to report positive or negative changes. Also, the team has already started to work on the long term plan for next 3–4 years to find sustainable solutions for waste management,” Hoxha says, assuring the action will not remain as a one-time effort.

While most of the Finnish territory was already swiped clean on 10th of May this year, country’s northernmost region – Lapland, planned it’s cleaning day to take place later, on the 29th of May because of late spring, snow and long distances. Emmi Lahtinen, communications manager for Lapland’s cleaning campaign, informs that the “World Cleanup 2012” activities in Lapland will focus on cleaning rubbish at city, school, office, park, skiing center and other such heavy-use public areas. “The goal is to get at least one cleanup in every community in Lapland to be arranged. We will not be measuring the amount of waste in tons, but clean surroundings and better awareness,” she says.

In Thailand a group of students are organizing smaller scale cleanup on 21st of May. The campaign includes students from various schools, as well as children affected by HIV/AIDS from the Camillian Centre. The main goal by Charlie Thornbery, the organizer of Thai Let’s do it! action, is to have fun and leave behind a nice clean Payoum beach in Ban Chang area. He is optimistic about the set goals and is hoping that this year’s cleanup event will prepare grounds for even bigger and more extensive cleanup actions in the nearest future.

World Cleanup 2012 is supported by Skype, Outfit7, Estonian Air and Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

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Tiina Urm, Head of communications
World Cleanup 2012
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Taulant Hoxha
Let's Do It Kosova 2012 - Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën!
Coordinator of local teams & external relations
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Emmi Lahtinen
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Keep Lapland Tidy Association
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Saija Kestilä
Lapland correspondent
Let’s do it! World Cleanup 2012
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Charlie Thornbery
Thailand Cleanup Day
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Mendbayar Chanrav
Let’s fo it Mongolia
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Hamza Amarouche

Phone : +372 5193 6560; +213 774 089 222
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Mariana Midori
Limpa Brasil
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Fraban Kamissoko
Let’s clean up Mali in one day
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