Why must we DO IT? (Blog from Kosova)

One of the biggest problems of the world now is the pollution, especially air and water pollution. Environmental issues are affecting our land and I consider that we have to deal with this problem in order to change the situation.

Looking at my country I see that something is wrong, but I also know that something better actually exists on the other side of the work and study. People are tired of words and false promises like : "We will change everything, we will bring an end to this ecological issues ", now they want something different, they want action, work and they want to see these changes.

Often we ask ourselves : Are these changes going to happen?

I think the only way out of this is through education, training and preparing people to fight against these issues.

The ecology problem is the reason why I am part of the initiative "Let's do it Kosovo" under the umbrella organization "Let's do it World" - one of the greatest initiatives that made people realize that everything can be done if we really want to. I see this project like the best example of being united and acting together for a cause. So I hope that my influence will be helpful and I know it will, because in these cases any help is welcomed.

I would like to say that we are all born blank. And our blanks have been filled in differently forms, some with love and care for nature and some with a weak feeling of caring, especially towards environment. So why we don't react in a different way to make our country, our WORLD a better place to live. And let us not forget that a better place is without pollution and all we have to do is work hard, follow our vision and we have to do it without ifs or buts.

Doing just a little whatever that is to protect our planet and at least our life doesn't cost anything, but it costs a lot in our way of living.

And when the change comes I know without doubt that you will feel different, not in the same way and that's because YOU did something for that change, and because you were part of that change.

My thoughts were affected by two great quotes. The first one – "The only resolution of pollution is to make people revolution". And the second one - "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn".

I hope that these will affect also all the people around me, around you and around us.

By Ulpiana Maloku "Let's do it Urban" - Let's do it Kosova team.