Why we clean up?

By Neil Bailey (Initiator of Clean Nova Scotia)

Throughout the last year, I often hear people speak about 'how horrible it is that people litter', and 'how frustrating it is to have to clean up after them'.
Though I understand the frustration, it got me thinking about WHY we clean up. There are certainly those who see their task as one of 'fighting litter', but I've been even more inspired by those who feel that they are simply doing what feels right, and banding together with others who share their conviction in the process.
Let's do it World has shown us that there are countless people, from every culture, creed and place, who are excited to connect their efforts into something inspiring, and fulfilling.

So until we run out of them, anger seems to be a waste of time, for me. Why fight with 'a litterer' when there are so many people who want to be 'part of the solution'? Why not spend our days growing a movement of people who care deeply for the place they call home, taking simple actions to improve our collective well-being?

I would rather spend my time working hard and being inspired than slogging on through frustration.
Much love and respect to all those who have taken part in cleanups around the world, in service of a better tomorrow. Much work ahead, so we do well to nourish our souls!